Associazione Piazza San Marco
becoming a member means
helping promote the protection of the historical and artistic heritage of the St Mark’s area and Venice’s old city centre
by means of cultural and social events, with advantages and concessions in the associated businesses

for information or requests for membership

individual member
  • individuals
  • annual fee, annually variable
commercial member
  • owner or representative of commercial and/or reception activity in the St Mark’s area or surrounds
  • fee calculated on the basis of the number of arches facing onto the Square, or rather on parameters such as the number of openings onto the thoroughfares, the size of the shop and the importance of the brand; in the case of hotels the fee is based on the category and number of stars
supporting member
  • individual or owner/representative of commercial activity (with activity outside the St Mark’s area)
  • membership fee and financial and/or cooperative, voluntary support of the Associazione’s activities
honorary member
  • admitted to the Associazione on the basis of particular titles or merits, or of the institutional role played
  • exempt from membership fee but without voting rights