Associazione Piazza San Marco
10 February 2015

A meeting took place between the association and local bodies on the ‘seagull’ question

A meeting between the Associazione Piazza San Marco and representatives of the city council and the provincial administration took place as planned on 4 February on the age-old question of the enormous presence of seagulls in the city and, especially, in St Mark’s Square. The meeting was useful for clarifying a problem that is increasingly serious and the possible solutions. Among the choices discussed, the main solution would be that of studying and implementing a different rubbish collection system. This obviously requires time to be applied. So other ideas could be destruction of the seagulls’ nests on the roofs of the city centre and the implementation in St Mark’s Square of an acoustic deterrent system. The provincial administration is testing one on San Michele island, which could be made available for a month. The meeting ended with the unanimous aim of acting as soon as possible to reduce this serious problem. Photo taken from