Associazione Piazza San Marco
22 October 2015

Special meeting of the Association.

A special meeting of the Associazione Piazza San Marco took place at the Luna Hotel Baglioni on Thursday 22 October. The assembly began at 6 pm and was attended by 27 members with voting rights and five proxies. After announcements made by the president of the Association, Alberto Nardi, the new ‘Regulation restricted to businesses in the St Mark’s area’ was unanimously approved. The new Regulation - in accordance with the Statute and thus the composition of the Board of Governors - defines as ‘businesses in the St Mark’s area’ also those that, in logistical continuity, extend their activities into the areas bordering St Mark’s Square and the relative piazzette. The new Regulation will allow representation of the Association’s ‘commercial’ component to be considerably widened. Consideration was also given during the meeting to other important matters for the Association that have often been discussed in the various news items on this website. The many speeches made were on problems such as the organisation of the forthcoming Christmas lights, reconsideration of the San Marco Guardians for 2016 and the recent petition presented by the Association to the Procura della Repubblica against the illegal hawking in St Mark’s Square. The meeting ended at 7 pm.