Associazione Piazza San Marco

Final press conference for the ‘San Marco Guardians 2014’ project

The Associazione Piazza San Marco press conference at the end of the ‘San Marco Guardians 2014’ project took place today at the historic Caffè Florian in St Mark’s Square. The president of the association, Alberto Nardi, spoke recalling the association’s commitment to safeguarding the square and the efforts of the fifteen San Marco Guardians, this year including people of different nationalities (Senegalese, Chinese, Russian) and so able to speak several languages and adapt to the needs of an increasingly diversified tourism, also from a geographical point of view. Nardi warmly thanked Costa Crociere for its fundamental support, also financial, of the project and pointed out that this effort by the association is a genuine ‘civil service’ that is offered to the city and its square. Nardi stated that this service cannot be sustained only by a small association but has need of support, also economic, even symbolic, from the city council in the light also of the possible tourist invasion next year in conjunction with the Milan Expo. Finally, President Nardi dwelt on the distinguished work carried out with skill and professionalism by the San Marco Guardians in synergy with the local police and other forces of order. The speech given by President Nardi at the press conference can be heard at the following link.