Associazione Piazza San Marco

A meeting of the association’s members at the Bauer Hotel was very well attended.

A meeting of the Associazione Piazza San Marco took place at the Bauer Hotel on 12 December 2013. A very important and well attended occasion that allowed all members and friends present to look at important questions and discuss the association’s future aims. Proceedings were opened by the president, Alberto Nardi, who, in thanking those attending, dwelt on the crucial subject of the meeting: the problem of the high tides and the relative Dossier drawn up by the association and distributed to members for comments. The meeting discussed the Dossier, which was suitably described, highlighting how the medium tides are a real problem, often also forgotten by the mass media, for the square and the St Mark’s area generally, with negative effects on the monumental and historic heritage and on the businesses based in the square or the surrounding area. The means of communicating and distributing the Dossier outside and to the mass media were also explained, to be specifically handled by Studio Calliandro. Numerous members spoke on the question, emphasising all the problems related to the high tides and in favour of revising the positioning of the walkways in St Mark’s Square for high tides. This was previously the subject of a meeting between the association and the city council in the figure of the assessor of public works Alessandro Maggioni, as Nardi specified in his closing speech. A complete file with the Dossier and other materials relating to the problem of high tides was given out to those present, along with a questionnaire for members and friends that should help the association’s board get further information on the difficulties suffered by businesses from the high tides.