Associazione Piazza San Marco
23 January 2018

All go for Carnival 2018 with the people counter!

The Venice Carnival will officially start on 27 January 2018. St Mark’s Square will become the centre of the celebrations from 3 to 13 February taking on the appearance of a big circus. The staging conceived by the Teatro La Fenice set designer, Massimo Checchetto, is inspired by this tradition. The event’s website announces that ‘some elements of the Togni Italian circus will be used, distinguished by the classical yellow and red stripes, as used in the sets of Federico Fellini’s film “La Strada”’. In particular, at 2.30 on 3 February ‘The Festival of the Marias’ will open the events in the Square. The twelve Venetian girls, chosen by a special jury, will arrive in period costume from San Pietro di Castello and be followed by a historic parade in costume. They will be officially presented to the public on the stage in the Square. Music will be the fixed date in St Mark’s every day from 5 pm until the end of the Carnival. On Sunday 4 February there is the Flight of the Angel: Elisa Costantini, Maria of the 2017 Carnival, will descend from St Mark’s bell tower at midday. The leading figure in the Flight of the Eagle, held on Sunday 11 February at midday, will be the owner of Diesel, Renzo Rosso. A big finale on Mardi gras, 13 February, with the crowning of this year’s winning Maria at 4.30 pm, who will arrive in the Square at the end of the water parade leaving from San Giacomo dell’Orio. At 5 pm there is the Flight of the Lion, which has always symbolised the end of the celebrations in St Mark’s Square and announces the end of the Carnival. In the meantime the people counters will be tried out for controlling access to the Square. Hitachi technicians are from today installing the people counting sensors, says the Corriere del Veneto. Ten companies apart from Hitachi responded to the call for bids by the City Council proposing different technology to be installed, then Ca Farsetti took three months to identify the best technology for counting the people and managing the flows. The Carnival will be an excellent testing ground. The sensors will be in the St Mark’s area, at the train station, in Strada Nuova and Piazzale Roma.