Associazione Piazza San Marco
July 16, 2014


The latest press news talks once again of a postponement of the meeting planned for the end of July that is meant to discuss the question of big ships passing through the St Mark’s Basin and look at the question of alternative routes. It actually seems that the meeting, if held, will not consider this thorny aspect of the alternatives, as the environmental impact assessment of the different routes is still far from being completed and there are no few technical differences . So awaiting the technical choice of the alternative routes, which should have been quick but is not, it seems that there will be a continuation of the current route, with the passing of cruise liners reduced by twelve per cent as established by the port authority and further by Costa Crociere’s decision to move to Trieste. So a 2015 with restrictions and that could still begin without a real alternative route to St Mark’s Basin, despite the insistent requests for this at a local, national and international level - see Unesco. Foto