Associazione Piazza San Marco
September 7, 2013


The Associazione Piazza San Marco is launching a new information campaign on the pigeon problem in St Mark’s Square and its surrounds. Our association, in agreement with Venice city council and Veritas, has financed and produced a vibrant new cautionary logo and leaflet reminding people about the prohibition against feeding pigeons. It is important to point out that once again the council regulation on veterinarian urban hygiene and the well-being of animals (city council decision No. 144 of 16 November 2009, art. 24) clearly rules that ‘in order to avoid health-hygiene problems relating to the excessive proliferation and spread of pigeons or other birds, it is prohibited to give food or to leave food waste in the streets, squares, other public places and canals in city council territory’. Offenders are liable to a fine of up to 500 euros, according to the same regulation. It is known that the proliferation of pigeons can cause health problems and damage to historic monuments. So our association intends not only to act in terms of communication to the tourists, to protect public health and the monuments in the St Mark’s area, but also to use the weapon of information to fight a conspicuous form of illegality that has become established in St Mark’s Square. There are at least 15 people who every day systematically sell grain to tourists to attract pigeons and have themselves photographed with the birds.