Associazione Piazza San Marco
November 18, 2014


It is now some days that the high tide, at various levels, has continued to flood Venice and the lowest parts of the city. Yesterday evening it reached 120 cm above sea level with a sudden surge that wrong-footed the city council’s Tide Forecast Centre and thus many Venetians. Unfortunately it must be pointed out that in all these days, even when the sirens did not go off, so with tides of around 100 cm and less, the Square always ended up under water. The Procuratie Vecchie in particular have for days been subject to constant flooding with serious repercussions for the business activities in the area. Note must be made of what was said by the president of the Associazione Piazza San Marco, Alberto Nardi, at the recent press conference marking the end of the San Marco Guardians project. He recalled the failure to begin the planned works to waterproof St Mark’s Square, which thus continues to be subject to periodic flooding, even with medium-low tides, with the well known serious consequences for the monumental historic buildings and for business activities.