Associazione Piazza San Marco
13 July 2015


The Nuova Venezia discusses this today in an article by Enrico Tantucci, but other papers have also anticipated the new Venice mayor’s idea: to make tourists book, possibly online, to gain access to the most important places in Venice such as the St Mark’s area. As the Nuova Venezia reports, the mayor explains that, concerning the management of tourist flows, ‘we are considering many ideas on the table, but I think that the high road is that of developing events held throughout the metropolitan city. The basis for not allowing Venice to die is to bring back work and productivity and I think that the tourist will also come more readily if he is told that it is a place to live in. It is a challenge to be met, concerning which the problem is the lack of vision in the city’. Photo: the mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro.