Associazione Piazza San Marco
18th of march 2010

Ordinary assembly on 18th of march 2010

On Thursday 18th of March at 4 pm., in accordance with article . 9 of The Association’s Statute, our Annual General Meeting was held at the Gran Caffè Ristorante Quadri. The assembly approved the president‘s report and that of the treasurer. The assembly then elected a new Board of Directors who will be in charge for the next three years (April 2010 - March 2013). The Board of Directors consists of nine members, six of them elected from the business-side of the association and three from the non-commercial members. The elected members of the board are (in alphabetical order): Boldrin Vladimiro, Catarra Enrico, Croze Caterina, Harm Walter, Lalli Domenico, Nardi Alberto, Rey Carla, Tokatzian Setrak, Vedaldi Daniela. During the board-meeting, the following functions were assigned: Alberto Nardi (President), Carla Rey (Vicepresident in charge), Walter Harm (Vicepresident), Enrico Catarra (Treasurer).