Associazione Piazza San Marco
March 2, 2010


The Association of Saint Mark's Square is organizing a series of meetings with the candidates for the political and administrative elections in and around Venice on March 28th and 29th 2010. The questions will be as follows: 1 Does the Administration intend to impose new rules regarding the use of Saint Mark’s Square? If so, will there be an opportunity to discuss these rules? 2 What will the function of the councilor for Tourism be? 3 How will the Administration deal with the problem of ‘high water’ in the Square which is notoriously not covered by MOSE? 4 How will the Administration deal with the problem of scaffolding and invasive publicity within the Square? 5 Does the Administration intend intent to create guidelines for the restriction and improper use of the Square and for Venice in general? 6 What will the Administration do to encourage the development of genuine commercial enterprises which are not based solely around merchandising? 7 What does the Administration intend to do to encourage the management and improvement of security within the Square?