Associazione Piazza San Marco
April 4, 2013


The Gazzettino once again looks at the disorder of the St Mark’s area with an article today by Roberta Brunetti. This time it reports on the position of the city councillor for public works Alessandro Maggioni, who has revived an agreement between the city council, Veritas, AEPE and individuals to upgrade the Giardinetti Reali area currently in a serious state of decline. Mr Maggioni also agrees to the plan to improve the gardens presented many years ago by the architects Carlo Aymonimo and Gabriella Barbini. This involved a kind of glasshouse in place of the existing public toilets, demolition of an old pavilion and upgrading of the lawns and gardens. Councillor Maggioni thinks that a kind of project financing with public and private participation would be needed to do all this. In the meantime Veritas has announced that it will demolish the old public toilets in the former Giardinetti Reali area, currently lacking any building permission. The same issue of the daily paper also reports on the poor condition of the paving slabs on the Riva degli Schiavoni, where the numerous areas of sagging repeatedly cause people walking in this delightful part of the city to fall.