Associazione Piazza San Marco


The ‘San Marco Guardians’ project promoted by the Associazione Piazza San Marco was presented today at 1 pm at a press conference in Ca’ Farsetti. A team of fifteen hostesses and stewards, dressed as usual in orange, will offer a multilingual information service to visitors in the square every day between 11 am and 7.30 pm, from Saturday 9 July until the end of September. They will oversee respect for the essential rules of civil behaviour and decorum on the basis of the city council’s regulation in force, in cooperation with the local police. This is a very important and much appreciated service strongly encouraged by the association, which gained the cooperation of the city council and the sponsorship of Costa Crociere. During the press conference, the councillor for tourism, Paola Mar, emphasised the council’s satisfaction at the return, after a brief pause, of the ‘angels of San Marco’, useful for offering information that is appreciated by the tourists and defending decorum in the St Mark’s area. The city council will provide the association promoting the project with a space to help the Guardians provide their service. Alberto Nardi, chairman of the association, emphasised that the work of the San Marco Guardians is intended as a tangible response to the needs of decorum and prestige that St Mark’s Square deserves. In the face of too many words on the subject of ‘eat and run’ tourism and on its sustainability, the Associazione Piazza San Marco wanted to bank on the concrete action of the San Marco Guardians. Satisfaction with the project was also expressed by Gabriele Baroni, Costa Crociere’s director of communication, happy to help the city with this important project.