Associazione Piazza San Marco
February 11, 2014


It seems timely to announce some cultural events taking place in the St Mark’s area. After the considerable public success and critical appreciation achieved last year, the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana and the Centro Studi Torcellani are organising a second round of talks on ‘Venezia prima di Venezia. Archeologia e Mito’ with the aim of proposing a new interpretation of subjects related to the history, art and archaeology of Venice and its lagoon. The meetings, coordinated by Lorenzo Braccesi, will take place in the Salone della Libreria Sansoviniana (Piazzetta San Marco 13/a, Venice) and look at the subject of Venice between archaeology and myth. In particular, at 5 pm on Thursday 13 February, Monica Centanni will speak on ‘Venezia nata dal mare’, at 5 pm on Thursday 27 February, Lorenzo Braccesi will speak on ‘Mito troiano. Realtà e leggende’ and at 5 pm on Thursday 13 March, Irene Favaretto will speak on ‘Venezia riscopre Venezia (e dintorni)’. All the talks will be preceded by a greeting from Maurizio Messina (director of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana). Finally, we would like to draw attention to the ‘Bibbia di San Marco a Venezia’, published by Scripta Maneant and presented a few days ago at the Auditorium dello Studium Generale Marcianum. Illustrated with the mosaics of St Mark’s basilica photographed using special techniques by Sandro Vannini, this is a handsome publishing project in two volumes resulting from scientific work carried out by the Marcianum Press.