Associazione Piazza San Marco
January 8, 2014


St Mark’s Square is once again today given plenty of space in local and online newspapers. In particular it is worth noting a comment in the Gazzettino di Venezia by the president of FAI Maria Camilla Bianchini, who, in line with the words of the Councillor for Tourism Vettese, asks the city council to prohibit certain events in St Mark’s Square and to provide for the option to also close the Square. Bianchini d’Alberigo also points out that the windows of the former Olivetti shop were broken during the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Another subject dear to the Associazione Piazza San Marco is also given space in the newspapers: the maxi hoardings that have been on the facade of the Correr Museum for years, which should have been taken down some time ago but remain for no precise reason. The Associazione Piazza San Marco has complained about this in the past, asking whether and how the income from this advertising has been spent. In these days the regional director for cultural assets Ugo Soragni has stated that: ‘we will sort the situation out as soon as possible’. There is still uncertainty, however, about what work has actually been done or is being done on the Correr Museum facade with the income obtained from this advertising hoarding.