Associazione Piazza San Marco
October 21, 2012


Controversy has arisen in recent days in St Mark’s Square and its surrounds because of a blitz by local police who penalised seven souvenir sellers in the Giardinetti Reali for having extended their displays beyond the allowed area. The stalls in question received notice that they must close for one week. The owners of the stalls complain because various unlicensed sellers continue to trade a short distance away without being checked or moved on. There are actually many sellers not only of goods but, for example, of various plastic toys of unknown origin, who set up in the St Mark’s area. There are also numerous illegal corn sellers from Bangladesh who, precisely now that the San Marco Guardians have suspended their work, swarm through St Mark’s Square, especially at specific times, thus systematically violating the city council’s relevant ordinances. Furthermore, as noted in a previous news item, the city council must also deal with the burning question of the possible move of the souvenir stalls themselves away from areas of monumental and historic importance, such as the St Mark’s area, as provided for by the new Ornaghi directive.