Associazione Piazza San Marco
December 18, 2010

Stars in Laguna, gazing from Piazza San Marco

Saturday, December 18 from 18.00 to 22.00 in the splendid Piazza S. Mark (San Todaro column), will be an evening public observing the sky with the title "Stars in Laguna" now in its fourth edition. The event, organized by the City of Venice - Department of Environment in collaboration with the Amateur Astronomers Association concluded a review of local meetings devoted to light pollution and astronomy called "Starry sky and light pollution-RaccontIncontri with an eye to the sky" . The objective of this event is to raise awareness and call on citizens to reflect on the theme of light pollution and the importance of not losing the sense of research and amazement that are born from the sky. During the evening fifteen telescopes provided by amateur astronomers and deployed in the vicinity of the columns Todaro, will offer fans and the curious can see some beautiful celestial objects: the Moon, with its mountains and craters, Jupiter and its satellites, the cold and distant Uranus and nebulas and star variety. The observation will be guided by many amateur astronomers present. The Public Lighting Sector of the City of Venice will make the event even more attractive, reducing the opportunity for the lighting of the square. The realization of the evening was made possible thanks to collaboration between the Environmental Department of the City of Venice and Mestre Amateur Astronomers Club G. Ruggieri, the Amateur Astronomers Association of Amateur Astronomers Association Venetians Venetians, the Municipality of Venice Murano Burano, the Associazione Piazza S. Mark and Legambiente circle of Venice. Participation is free. In case of bad weather the event will be moved to Saturday, January 15, 2011. For information: City of Venice - Department of Environmental Services - Environmental Education Tel 041.2748274-7946 educazione.ambientale @ / environment