Associazione Piazza San Marco
February 3, 2015


Disturbed by the high tides that are periodically flooding St Mark’s Square at the moment, the 2015 Venice Carnival has begun. The Gran Teatro in St Mark’s Square will be officially opened on Friday 6 February and host various shows. Barriers have been put in place to control the square and the flows of tourists expected, as always in large numbers especially at the weekends. The big festivities for young people have been moved to the Arsenale to avoid the massive influxes especially in the evening in the St Mark’s area by separating the various events. Finally, during these carnival days, as has been noted in a previous news item, the agreement on the use of the Procuratie Vecchie between the city council and Generali will be signed. This provides for the spaces vacated by Generali to be used not for speculative ends but for cultural, academic or entertainment purposes. Certainly good news for the whole St Mark’s area.

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