Associazione Piazza San Marco
September 12, 2012


On Saturday, September 8 around 9 p.m, an unprecedented incident occurred involving The Prague Young People’s Chorus – as reported by journalist Franco Bechis – when their rendition of the alpine song “ The Lord of the Heights” was interrupted by two local policemen in front of Mark’s Church. The reason for this unexpected intervention, which disappointed tourists, is that city rules forbid choral singing in Saint Mark’s Square for reasons of decorum. These rules may appear too strict but it is to be applauded that they are enforced. However, it is also true that such infractions do not create embarrassment or discomfort so need to be enforced with a touch of wisdom. The Association of Piazza San Marco does not want to discuss the city rules but would rather highlight the fact that the show offered by the chorus was to pay homage to the city of Venice and to its