Associazione Piazza San Marco
January 28, 2014


It is now just a few weeks until the start of the Venice Carnival 2014, with David Rampello as art director. ‘Fantastic Nature’ is the theme chosen for this year: ‘the Carnival of the fairy tale, of the wonderful and fantastic linked to animal and vegetable nature. The Carnival of fantasy and nature.’ Not only will the calli and campi be at the centre of this year’s event, but also the palazzi along the Grand Canal, the St Mark’s area and the Arsenale. St Mark’s Square, as mentioned in the last news item, will host various events, mainly from 27 February (Giovedì Grasso) to 4 March (Mardi Gras). St Mark’s Square will host the travelling theatre ‘I Segreti di Venezia’, the competition for the best mask, the Flight of the Eagle (Sunday 2 March), the Gran Finale of the international ‘la Natura Fantastica’ prize, the prize-giving for the Maria of Carnival 2014 and the Flight of the Lion (Tuesday 4 March). In addition, the ‘Gran Teatro Piazza San Marco’ will be operating in St Mark’s Square from 22 February to 4 March, a spectacular stage facility (a genuine ‘theatrical machine’), the heart of the Carnival, will be built to enhance the shows held there and to ensure the public the exclusive nature and comfort of Venice’s historical grand carnivals. The Gran Teatro di Piazza San Marco is inspired by the amphitheatre built in 1782 to welcome the Grand Duke of Moscow and his wife. Seats must be reserved and paid for. The evening and night events, more suited to a younger audience, have been moved to the historic Arsenale di Venezia in order not to encourage night-time gatherings in the Square - the recent New Year’s Eve ‘teaches’. For all information on the event: